Cool World - A tribute to Ralph Bakshi and Barry Jackson

I’ve wanted to make a scene based on a concept piece by Barry Jackson for the Ralph Bakshi’s movie Cool World for a long time. While the movie wasn’t the greatest, it produced some truly unique concept art. As I worked on it and played with different lighting scenarios, I really felt the dreamlike look I came up with worked more with the content of the scene. I could probably work out a version of the darker look but I’ve dabbled in really dark stuff a good bit and wanted to keep pushing into new territory.

Here’s what I came up with:


And here’s the original image is was based on:

I’m happy with it for now but I think maybe animating some of the buildings would be cool.

Anyway, hope you enjoy, thanks.

Nicely done mate. Al of it geometry or also backplates? How did you light it? Only critic is that the original has more contrast between colors and lights.

Wow this looks awesome. Would be cool to see it in motion.

Wow, cool!!

All of it is geometry.

I’m actually taking another pass at it to make it more like the original. After thinking it over I decided maybe it’d be better to adhere more closely to the original. I think the original really focuses more on the buildings and those are what I fell in love with from the concept in the first place.

Once I get that next pass in I’ll record some videos. I’d really like to get some motion with the buildings swaying and maybe get the mouth to scream and the eye to furrow its brow. Unfortunately the film its based on didn’t get to animate the buildings in any meaningful way so I’ll have to invent on my own but I think that’s a pretty fun exercise in its own right.

I appreciate the kind words!