Cool mmo features...

At least I think they would be cool for a full loot mmo…

Inventory slots: putting an item inside of an item inside of an item basically… and making it so that when you level up you get more base inventory slots… so not every class can pick up every item

Multiteam matchmaking: very halo esque… where you can customize gametypes to be like oddball with multi teams but with like capture the flag in combinations where like you have to capture the flag first before you start holding the oddball and stuff like that… and I want this in all kinds of genres… fighting games… moba’s… games with action bar wasdqe targeting combat that are typically just mmo’s… grand theft auto…

special combo points with probability that award abilities and energy/health bars: I mean you can come up with your own examples for this… imagine like you have an ability that awards points to you and also your enemy(so maybe you don’t want to use it too many times on the same person)… when these points add up there will be a probability rolled every so often to see if one of you get some extra abilities and extra life bars… and maybe your new ability can subtract from your new life bar that when empty dies(as well as can be deducted from by being attacked)

gambling: being able to duel people from like a lobby… where you agree to a wager… with your ingame items and currency… and possibly even characters kreygasm

my pvp flagging system: I want many extra colors so you know exactly who is attacking you and who is not attacking you and even who you have attacked…in which case of someone you have attacked it will let you know if you will get a murder count for killing them… depending on the color and as long as you remember what color means what

my item possession protection system: where players who die have their items flagged and anyone who picks them up will become flagged… and even if that person who picks them up dies… the items will continue to be dropped flagged for the original possessor(unless someone holds onto them for some time)

pokemon gear: some gear could have an element rating attached to it… where it starts converting some of your damage to an element… so if you have an ice rating of 20 you now do 30 percent extra ice damage(and 20 percent less of your normal damage)… but people with 100 fire gear will only take 3 percent of that extra ice damage… and will also deal you 300 percent extra fire damage

abilities: an ability in my eyes would either be awarding some combo point, doing damage, healing, buffing, or stunning… and buffs and debuffs should directly relate to damage, movement speed, stun timings, and healing, buff percentage(meaning you cast a buff which makes your buffs buff more)… and algorithms can always cast abilities too… or give you a new ability temporarily

city takeovers: get points for doing good in pvp… use these points to form a group… take over an npc city(or siege it if its controlled by a guild now)… and farm the items in the city… and use those items in tandem with the most expensive vendor items to create the most powerful items in the game

banking in peace: allowing you to exist in the city without anyone hurting you(not just guards you are literally invulnerable)… the city is where you queue for matchmaking and trade and auction and vendor and mailbox

loot nodes: loot nodes will sometimes require you to be a certain class or maybe your class can loot them faster… and maybe you need special items to loot this specific node or loot it faster

having types of abilities… in relation to the number of which you can assign: this is a very weird way to look at things but I don’t know it kind of just slams me in the face as simple and cool for balance and time investment. my idea is that you have to spend time to assign different abilities so you cant use all your strongest abilities at once… so you have labels of different abilities… perhaps your class can only assign one “heal” and three “attacks”… where as another class can equip ten heals and only one attack… abilities could also take several days to assign(while your offline too of course the time would count down)

mercenaries: they’ll have a class just like you… you can cycle between them and fight your main character as AI or have them fight as AI, you can even have multiple mercenaries… but no your mercenary can not summon mercenaries :3

they are in no particular order… but i’m very close a formal game concept document and a formal content outline

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