Cool game idea ?

I’ll go on university as free auditor in a week, i want to prepare something in UE, what can i do ?

Yeah… this is not the forum for that. I suggest go to offtopic.

Google for old 8bit games, they were simple. Remake one of them, like tertis, asteroids, moon lander, arcanoid, river raid, M.U.L.E dropzone.

Or a basic sidescroller -> something like Jetpack Joyride :slight_smile:

Or an action game.

let’s simulate the hole world :smiley: great idea for a game. only 1TB big. you need a supercomputer for that game ^^

Go for an MMO, seems to be a popular game type :wink:

mmo? it’s unlikely to finish such a game
perhaps a puzzle game

Yea puzzle mmo about sarcasm.