Cooking pot problems

I’m trying to add some recipes to the cooking pot, but for some reason, it just refuses to work. Adding all the same items to a campfire or forge works just fine, but the cooking pot refuses to cooperate.
What special options or conditions are necessary for the cooking pot to start working like the other “auto-crafters”? I’ve looked everywhere and I didn’t see any settings that would differentiate it from a campfire/forge.

Okay, so I’ve figured out the problem with the cooking pot. It wasn’t that it wouldn’t work the same way, it’s just that the inventory that is listed as the structure’s component is a separate instance from the one that can be found in the content browser. It is a child BP with edited default inventory - so changing those fields in the easily accessible parent does absolutely nothing.

Why is it done this way when all (or at least most) other structures use the parent inventory BP?