Cooking mods: Is there a way to cook just Windows or Linux?

Yup, that’s the question. The reason i’m asking is that I really only expect a small number of people, three to be exact, to use the mods I make for now, and we all run the Windows o/s. It seems to me that if I got the Windows config to work proper, then I could bring the other back in later. In the meanwhile, my “cooking” time would be cut in half…or so…

The test cook option will do this. I don’t know the difference between the Linux and Windows cooks, but doing it this way works fine on Windows.


Awesome! Is it upload-able like the other to play-test it on a homegrown single-player?

Not to the Workshop like that, but you can just email, or use a filesharing site, the correctly setup and zipped cooked folder - the test cooking requires a couple of additional steps to be usable.


Sorry to sound stupid but where is the ‘Test Cook’ option?

More info would be much appreciated (I did try searching but found nothing). I am finding the most tedious aspect of ark modding to be the cooking, uploading, subscribe process to test stuff in game.