Cooking for windows failed

Hey guys, not sure if I should post this question here but I have been getting a unknown cook failure each time I try to package my project.
Here are the logs:

Log lines 1-100
Log lines 101-300
Log lines 301-500
Log lines 501-800
Log lines 801-1200
Log lines 1201-2000
Log lines 2001-2500
Log lines 2501-3000
Log lines 3001-4000
Log lines 4001-4369

Here is the engine log

I think I found the problem in relation to line 497 and the Roboto font. It seems to reference Reflections2, which is a project that I migrated some of my assets from into my current project.

[2017.10.09-18.33.24:412] 0]LogCook:Display: Cooking /Engine/EngineFonts/Roboto -> C:/Users/user/Documents/Unreal Projects/Reflections2/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNoEditor/Engine/Content/EngineFonts/Roboto.uasset

I am not sure as to why this would be an issue but when I opened the font under engine fonts the project will not allow me to save it anymore, should I replace the font?

Any help would be appreciated.