Cooking and uploading with multiple levels?!?!?! - no idea

So i’m trying to upload my map that i have created(small then planning on full size).

but im running into a major problem when cooking my map and uploading it to steam.

it seems when i cook my map it cooks each level into its own map instead of all the minor ones into assets for my landscape which is causing it to be unplayable once uploaded to steam(auto crash)

the current way shown to upload mods its dumb as it doesn’t show and sort of organisation of levels and is probably the most vague thing on the Dev kit.

If someone is able to give me a quick over view on how to do it with a game file(even as small as 3 levels) and show how to change it all around so its then one item instead of three once uploaded it would help me greatly and set me up to uploading in a matter of days.

Pretty sure you should just list the “Persistent” level in the text box for Cooking, and not any of the sublevels. They’ll get cooked automatically when the Persistent level itself is Cooked. Hope that helps!

Have your map and all submaps in a folder inside “Mods” then when you cook you only cook the main map for an example i have 50 or so submaps and i only cook “Terra_Nova” Do note to not put the .umap extension in as that wont work

“Terra_Nova.umap” = “Terra_Nova” when cooking

Don’t do this! Once cooked the game will fail too stream any levels not in the base folder with your main level. Also to clarify here, it doesn’t matter if you list the sub levels or not, they just gett added to the “to-cook” list through association with the level you do decide to cook. The engine compiler is smart like that.

Thanks for the catch ThatGuyNex, I try to stay away from maps :smiley: