Cooking and uploading a TC, having troubles


I plan on doing a robust rewrite of the balance of the game, but first I am trying to make sure everything works correctly.

I have changed a stone pick from 10 thatch to 1 thatch, and named my mod and gave the mod a description. The only changes done, all on the core blueprint files.

I cook the mod, takes 70 seconds.
I upload the mod, it asks for my steamguard second form of authentication and then uploads.

My steam is then switched to OFFLINE.
I have to shut steam and restart it, weirdly.

I can find my mod in the steamworkshop, and subscribe to it.
When STEAM tries to download the mod it STARTS download, and then swaps to ‘IN QUE’, and restarts, and goes back into que, over and over and over and over.
loading the game it shows its downloading a new TC, but it never shows up as steam can’t grab it.

Anyone else have this problem?
Know what to do to fix it?

I am going to erase the files I have edited, erase the workshop entry, and remake it (3 edits, not hard)

when you COOK a TC are all changed files listed? Is there anyway to know what you have actually edited, maybe I messed something up randomly previously when trying to make a normal mod first… hmm!

i erased all my edited files, erased the mod.

Remake the mod with only editing the name of the mod and description, and changing the cost of the pick.
uploaded it to steam (it logged me off again the instant I connected with uploader (is this normal?))

i can subscribe, but it is constantly “STARTING” “IN QUEUE” “UPDATING” in a long cycle over and over and over, never downloads.

Anyone else ever see this?

here is the workshop link to the currently hidden mod:

Solved issue

the issue was that the picture I was assigning to the mod to make it have the upload button work, was too big.

That is all.