Cooking and Packaging failed

Hello. We have a problem with cooking and packaging our project. We dont have any clue what is wrong. We use only one plugin (Rama's victory Plugin) and dont use any c++ code. Also we use Polish version of Windows 7 and we have added to our project Substance Plugin, but we disabled it, and we didn’t use it.

Here is our logs:


Can you provide info about how you use the Victoria Plugin and what the nodes you use in your project?

Thank you for your response. We use:
‘Victoria Sound volume change’. ‘Mobility set scene Comp mobility’
Also we try to pack our project without victory Plugin, but its crash again.

When packaging some of my projects I have had issues and crashing due to specific items in the project.

Sometimes they are items that have been deleted from the content browser, but still remain in the content folder(for the specific project) on the computer.
And other times they are just items it doesn’t like (a blueprint, a material, can be anything), I found 4.6 didn’t like some transparent materials quite a bit.

It will usually say what the item is in the output for the packaging.
So when packaging view the output, and if it crashes, read through the part were it says anything about failing, and if it identifies a file in the content folder delete that item and try again (it might be several items, it should list them all)
(Maybe do this with a duplicate of the project or back it up first just in case)

I think, you need fix your contents. In log files i see many load errors of assets, like this:

LoadErrors: Info Failed to load /Game/Props/M_IronDrum_01_RGB.M_IronDrum_01_RGB Referenced by MaterialExpressionTextureSample_0

Have you transferred assets between folders in Content Browser?

If YES, try to do next:

In Content Browser right click on folder “Content” and in menu select Fix Up Redirector In Folder. Compare folders and assets in Content Browser and folders and assets on hard drive. And manually fix on a disk unused folders and assets.

PS: Do not forget do backup projects, before fix.

Thanks for all your replies.
Unfortunately, your suggestions doesn’t work.
We haven’t moved any assets in content browser. But we’re using assets from asset store ( Bumping Pub, Horror Pack and Kite Demo).
My thought is that creators of this assets must move them a bit, and some of those transitions come to our project.
So we’ve duplicate those assets to locations wich are shown in log, and this brute solution works.