Cooking a simple mod takes MANY hours

Done my fair bit of modding, incl some map alterations. now I decided to try & add a few new dinos.
(altered versions of existing ingame dinos)

I used the how-to guide posted here on the forums, everything worked great, tested the dino, all perfect. ADK is hooked up to a github acct.

It’s just at the cooking process where it goes wrong.

I get the usual processiong lines when cooking, it’s just that cooking a simple altered dino mod (exactly the same as on these forums; the parasaur guide) was taking 6+hours (pc stayed on during the night) and in the morning it was still processing.

I was doing the mod this time on a i5cpu, 16gb ram machine on SSD, so hardware isn’t the real issue here.
Anyone got a similar experience or got a clue where to look at for problem solving?

As of 247.8, there is a 1 time compiling of shaders on first cook. Albeit 6 hours sounds a little extreme. I think my first cook after update was about 45 minutes when normally it takes 10 max.
If you have long cooks still (after initial), sounds like there is an issue. Maybe try verify the devkit.