Cookie cutter games

Does anybody ever feel like game development is turning into web development? That might sound strange at first, but think about this; there are swarms of “web developers” out there who make websites simply by using pre-made templates and copying source code from other websites. Now a days you don’t really need to be a full on web developer to make websites. You only need minimal knowledge of some mark-up languages to tweak pre-made templates and you have yourself a website. On-top of that there are dozens of pre-made plugins you can install on your website with the click of a button. As a result you have websites with cheesy designs, bottlenecks in their performance and an unoriginal design because the developer didn’t completely understand what they were doing. Now I don’t really care much for web design, but I say all of that to make a point; that it seems like in some ways game development is starting to develop the same trend.

People use assets, blueprints, animations and code from other projects and the market place, throw them in a hat and hope something good comes out of it. There is in some cases minimal effort going into a game. I am not against recycling different game elements because that is the smart thing to do. It reduces the work and cost in a project. It is refreshing though when you see a developer create a game with there own customized assets and an original design and style. However when you see a game that was thrown together with minimal effort and no personal touch it is boring and dull. I think people should take time and pride in making a game there own design. It is an art form after all. Not just throw together something and hope it makes it through Steam Green Light.

I do not think it matter. A game is either good or bad, how it is made has little impact on that. Granted, those games have a higher chance to be bad but original assets are hardly a guarantee of quality.

Also, it is not like the developers making cookie cutter games would suddenly make something fantastic if the had to work from scratch. There would just be fewer games made.