Cooked, uploaded, but not shown?

I finally managed to get a mod built, cooked, AND uploaded** [friends view only]** (yes, I got the “green light” from the UPLOAD button.((silly me…had to read many, many, many, many entries on this forum before I found that you HAD to have an ‘image’ (.png type) and something else I can’t quite remember…but if the two were not there, the cooking process would tell you it’s a success, but NOT allow uploading)…however, it isn’t showing as an available mod download. Yes, I have gone through all 25 ‘pages’ (that’s currently the number anyhow) of submitted mods and mine doesn’t show.

Try locating your personal workshop page. It’s not very obvious. Go to the ark workshop. There should be something like “My Workshop-files” and “Your Files” to the right. Click on “Your Files”(“Ihre Dateien” in the screenshot). Here is a screenshot of the area from my (german) steam client:

I’m an idiot. It just took a bit to show up…which…of course is mentioned in numerous other posts.