Cooked performance and Paper2d.

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for your help regarding something quite important. After months i finally decided to (i was trying once in a fortnight but i had issues with compiling my project with github versions) retry to package my game as a shipped product.After it was done (64 bit. 32bit gives me a crash Cooked game crashes when i run it - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums ) and i run my game the performance was terrible! the game could barely hold a steady 60fps and every 2 second it would freeze for a tenth of a second or the framerate would drop to as low as 15fps.

As a comparison with how the game performs un-cooked(lol) i work with a 6000x1080 resolution and when i preview on a separate window (or standalone game) both my game and the engine run at 120fps. My cooked game with a resolution (i changed it to see if it would make any difference) of 1920x1080 can barely move without shuttering,freezing and not to mention the screen tearing. I have never ,ever witnessed such severe screen tearing! Both standalone and new editor window have ZERO screen tearing.In all these months that i develop my game i have never seen (not once) the screen tear up. Even when i capped the framerate to 60fps(for the cooked game) nothing changed.

Isn’t a cooked game supposed to be even faster than a standalone game since unreal is not running on the background ? Could someone help me out on this?

You have enabled Sync or some cap to 60FPS ? you are using the 4.8 or the master branch 4.9 ??
*If you are using the master branch 4.9 will be better to use the 4.8 branch.

Thank you for your suggestions but lets for a second forget about vsync issues. in both 4.8 and 4.9 i see a massive performance difference between the editor’s preview modes and the actual cooked game. Shouldn’t that be enough to alarm the developers that something is wrong with the way unreal packages a (paper2d?) game?

There must be some settings about packaging that needs to be changed as 2D in 4.9 has just improved.

Probably or there is something missing (or not optimized)in the cooked version of the game. It makes absolutely no sense for my game to run at 120fps with the editor open in 3 times the resolution of a normal 1080p monitor,having no lag ,no cpu stalls and no screen tearing and the cooked version of the game to be an absolute mess that freezes every second or so.
Lets hope some of the ‘big’ boys chimes in and give us some insight of what is going on, otherwise i will be the first person in history that tries to sell his game with the editor included!

Would you have some cooked test level upload ?
It must be some options about textures and quality in the cooking options.

I could use an expert opinion on this one. Does a cooked game differ in any way from pie preview?

I’d also like to know about this. I created a little endless runner game for fun using Paper 2D in 4.8 and it performs exactly as says when I try to cook it OR when I try to launch it in as a “Standalone Game”. Could you verify that list bit for your game as well ?

By the way, , congratulations on being greenlit! When I was first considering whether or not I wanted to try to learn to make some 2D games, your game was a big factor in convincing me that UE4 could be used to make a good 2D game.

I also found Paper2D performance is really bad. Even slower than static mesh on mobile.

Poor performance is still present in 4.9, can we get a response from Epic on this?