Cooked map ingame miss meshes/material

Hello, as a title, I’m trying to make a map for ARK. Everithings in the editor seems to be fine. I’ ve setup some waterfalls and lakes using materials and meshes from ADK but somethings ingame don’t work properly.

So, i made few screenshot to explian better what happens.

  • FIRST -> this is what I see in the editor: waterfalls material is just fine, the rock under the rex and the one behind are ok and the top of a lake under quetz it’s fine, I can see everything


  • SECOND -> here is what I see in the editor ingame mode: again, I can see everthing works as it should


  • THIRD -> here we are: this is the cooked/uploaded map playing ingame (Singleplayer) and what I see


  • Waterfall material disappear, but not the mesh
  • Lake mesh and mat disappear
  • flatrock under rexy and rock behind disappear ( and so on in some other place of the map )

Then I’ ve made a test with 2 more screenshot of few different meshes and materials as below:

1 -> Is the EDITOR ( every mesh and every mat. are working )


2 -> Is coooked map ingame


No one work eccept these 3 same mashes with same material (mat_islandwater…)

any of you have any idea why it happens? I really don’ t know :confused: