Cooked game problem

Ok so i was able to cook my game finally, and when i play tested it, the sky system was not there, and the other levels would not load despite there being trigger volumes there to load them, what is going on? Im building on windows 10 64 bit.

I just tried going to project settings > Packaging > List of maps to include in packaged build and included them but it still doesnt include them, what is going wrong here?

Ok, so here is another thing i tried, I went into my project and found DefaultEditor.ini and it now says this:


bReplaceBlueprintWithClass= true
bDontLoadBlueprintOutsideEditor= true
bBlueprintIsNotBlueprintType= true

It still doesnt work, what is wrong?

bump, still need help.

bump. I cant figure this out still. I’m cooking for windows, 64 bit using UE 4 4.9. when i changed the DefaultEditor.ini settings, i noticed my cooked game size went from 1.87 Gb to 3.something so i think it cooked the levels with the game this time but when i walk into the trigger volumes for the levels, they do not spawn.

Have you tried cooking without the files being inserted into a pak file(So you would have a folder full of cooked content) and seeing if anything was missing?
Does the game create a log file that you can look at?

I saw something about a compression option for packing which may be causing the file size difference.


I didnt try that before but just did and i went into my project directory and my maps folder and all the maps were there, but still no luck. Now, I should mention that my maps are in Content > HouseOfDemons > Levels, they are not in a map folder under content itself, im not sure if that is the problem or not. The starting map loads, which is the Foyer but thats it, nothing else does.

I’m not sure about the log file, i dont know where it is if it did generate one.

I am just starting but my levels are in “Content\ToyMission\Maps” (All my stuff goes into the ToyMission folder) and they are working just fine.

Could you add some “PrintString” calls when changing levels and what knot to see what it is trying to do? - But they do not show up in a Shipping build.

Apparently you have to use command line arguments to get a log file(seams strange).
Here is the Doc file that says you need to add “-LOG=MyLog.txt” to get a log file generated.


Ok, so i made it so it shows a test string on screen when walking through the volume, it does it in the editor but not in the cooked game. not sure whats going on. Here is an image of my streaming blueprint:


That looks correct to me, May be print string is striped out of cooked builds?

Perhaps you could find a way to write to a text file from within blueprints to create your own log file.


I have just tried a cooked Development package of my game and it creates a log file and PrintString works along with the console.


im thinking the entire volumes are striped from the game for some reason, no idea how to fix it.

If you can access the console you can use the “pxvis collision” console command to get a wireframe render of all collision volumes.


I’ll try that when this gets done building. I made a test project and made 2 levels that stream, and they both work fine, so it has to be a project specific problem. I’ll get back to you when I try that console command.

it worked, i dont know what i did, I just went in the project settings and unchecked a few things and now it all works!

Glad to hear that!