Cooked for Windows but "Failed to open descriptor file"

Hi there,

my Team and I build our Game for Windows and used several Engine Versions, startet shortly before it got free to use and now ended up with current Version 4.9.1.
So I cooked the Game for Windows 64 Bit and it completed in about an hour, but when I am trying to start the .exe it just says
“Failed to open descriptor file
So I googled a bit, but most of the Answers are really old, so not really appropriate for our problem with our version of the Engine.
I tryed all of the solutions i found, but none helped.

So maybe someone around here has the Answer

Maybe worth mentioning is the fact, that after i renamed the “Projectname-Win64-Shipping.exe” in “WindowsNoEditor\Projectname\Binaries\Win64” to just “Projectname.exe” the Error Message changed to “The game module ‘Projectname’ could not be found. Please make sure that this module exists and that it is compiled.”