Cook / Upload MAPS

Hi all, so I have been at work making a map and ran into a few slow downs that I have found via youtube or on here but for some reason I am unable to cook/upload a MAP mods are good I have the .info but when I am only able to see the mods folder when I click steam upload and when I try to cook a map it’s out put is a .info and not a .umap is there a step I am missing to get the maps folder to show up in unreal and how do I cook a map to get it to upload a .umap file and not the .info files.

Thanks in advance,


Is this a map using your/a mod or a seperate map contained in its own folder within the mods directory? Where in the directory are your map files?

It seams like any map even the test map. I run the cook process and have added the directory to test the map and ark will still not load it. It seams like it is but gets around half way done and shoots me back to the main menu.