Cook/Package problems. Asset Register 4.6.1?


I have an Animation Blueprint that is not getting packaged regardless being present, I would like to get a workaround, here is the shot to proof that it’s there and the error:

More Info:

  • The AnimBlueprint is being “reparented” on the Editor to a custom AnimInstance Class I did on C++.
  • I’m using it with a StaticLoad by code using:

MyAnimationBP = Cast(StaticLoadObject(UAnimBlueprint::StaticClass(), NULL, *AnimBPPathFString, NULL, LOAD_None, NULL));

To after assign it to an SkeletalMeshComponent on my Character trough:

Any thoughts?

Thank you.


After watch the project, I’ve seen that since the only reference to this asset is on code to the StaticLoad I have no references to it on any other cook assets, so it’s completelly ignored on Asset Registry and package build.

Solution: Add the directory containing the AnimBlueprint to the “Additional Assets Directories to Cook” on Project Settings > Packaging.

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