Cook only maps?

I just had a basic question about the Project->Packaging settings, and was hoping for a bit of clarification.

What exactly does the “Cook only maps (this only affects cookall)” checkbox do? I see that a bit further below there as a list you can populate called “List of maps to include in a packaged build”, so my initial though is that if I set this option then it will only cook everything that’s referenced in the maps included in that list? However, it’s the option directly above “Cook everything in the project content directory (ignore list of maps below)” that’s throwing me off.

  1. If I fill out the list of maps, but don’t select the “Cook only maps” feature, what’s the meaning of the list of maps, compared to when I do populate the list?
  2. What happens if I select both “cook only maps” AND “Cook everything”? They seem like they should be mutually exclusive, but you can select both.

Ultimately I’m looking for the correct way to only package what I need for everything in my list of maps, so I was just hoping for a bit of clarification on what exactly happens with the above options selected (or not) and the array of maps you can fill out.