Cook in Development no more information during crash


In 4.8.1 in a cooked version (development) when a crashed happenned it missed some information.

1 - name of function where crash happenned is not available anymore where as it was available in previous builds.
2 - stack trace for my game module can’t be enhanced by using my game module Pdb file. they are not loaded.


Hey -

It sounds like you’re saying crash reporter is not displaying same information that it used to, correct? To give me a better understanding of what you’re saying could you post screenshots of before/after with 4.7.6 and 4.8.1 and indicate where differences are?



I just looked again in report log, and I have information required.

For any reason, I didn’t see function in it yesterday during my testing.
so first issue is closed.

For 2nd issue,

Here is output:

[2015.07.01-19.44.02:292][137]LogWindows: === Critical error: ===
Fatal error!

ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014015bc97} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x0000000140a91621} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x0000000140a28008} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x0000000141088d20} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x0000000141338f6a} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x0000000141332e11} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x0000000141339c1f} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014133cbbf} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014133c61f} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014133c973} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014126e916} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014126edea} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x00000001432ccab1} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x00000001412471d1} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014147ab8a} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x00000001414abfcc} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014103d36e} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014059bfa6} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014058c970} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014058c9ca} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014059dbe9} + 0 bytes
ZB4Game.exe {0x0000000143482d29} + 0 bytes
kernel32.dll {0x00000000779b59cd} + 0 bytes
ntdll.dll {0x0000000077aeb981} + 0 bytes
ntdll.dll {0x0000000077aeb981} + 0 bytes

Usually if you put Pdb file with your exe, Function address are resolved by there name so you can trace exactly from where you called your function etc…
It’s not working in 4.8. Could you please telle me what’s wrong or is it something your need to fix?

Hey ,

Could you please provide me full where you received these errors from? If you received a crash reporter, there should be a machine ID or Epic account provided towards top of log, please include that as well. Typically, saved files are located in your project folder under Saved.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Here is log file:
[link text][1]

48872-zb4game.log (40.7 KB)


Any update on this?
Do you need more information from me ?


Hey ,

I submitted an email to our developers for additional review of provided. If you’re able to get crash reporter information as well, may be helpful, or any other for this issue.

I will update your question when I hear back. :slight_smile:

Hey ,

I just received a response back from one of our developers. They noticed that there seems to be an issue with following lines:

[2015.07.01-22.21.22:157][739]ZB4:Warning: NetMode 1 Listen 0 StandAlone 0 ZB4PlayerController_0
[2015.07.01-22.21.22:327][742]LogNetPackageMap:Error: GetObjectFromNetGUID: Package GUID mismatch! Path: /Game/Champions//, NetGUID: 117, GUID1: 2314961182, GUID2: 2401622557
[2015.07.01-22.21.22:327][742]LogNetPackageMap:Warning: InternalLoadObject: Unable to resolve object from path. Path: /Game/Champions//, Outer: NULL, NetGUID: 117
[2015.07.01-22.21.22:327][742]LogNetPackageMap:Error: GetObjectFromNetGUID: Outer is broken. FullNetGUIDPath: [117]/Game/Champions//.[191]
[2015.07.01-22.21.22:327][742]LogNetPackageMap:Warning: InternalLoadObject: Unable to resolve object from path. Path: , Outer: NULL, NetGUID: 191

While they’re not quite sure what matter is from listed, I would suggest looking over and verifying that there isn’t something missing or extra within that champion.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions!


Thanks for answer but this is not really what I was looking for. I wasn’t expected some help on debugging my game issue with this report, it’s something on my side that I should look at ^^ (by way thanks for feeedback).

issue here is that we can’t have ** stack trace** (with function name and not adresses) of our game module in cook mode even if we put pdb with in binaries folder.

as you can see:
ZB4Game.exe {0x000000014015bc97} + 0 bytes

should be something like
ZB4Game.exe MyInfoUpdate()

I hope this is clearer.
Unless there is a specific process for UE, if you put PDB files inside binaries folder of a cook, we should be in position to get stack trace. In my opinion pdb are not loaded during crash report.


Hey ,

I wanted to let you know that I have requested a bit more information from our developers and I have not heard back at this time. I appreciate your patience and will update you as soon as I hear back from them.

Thank you!

Hey ,

I have not heard from you in quite a while and for that reason, I must mark this thread as resolved. However, if you have any additional questions or information, please do not hesitate in replying back as it’ll open thread back up and we will continue assisting you with this issue.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Sorry, but if you looked at your last comment, I was waiting for a feedback from your side this is why I didn’t answerd back anything.

So what are news?

Hey ,

Sorry about that. I’ll make sure we update you as soon as we can.

, I didn’t mean to close yours out that way and I apologize for my mistake. I looked back through my requests and I am still waiting to hear back from our Developers. I have sent another request for additional information for you.

Feel free to check in, in a couple of days and I’ll give you any update I have thus far.

Thanks for your time and patience. :slight_smile:

Hey ,

I have heard back from developers, there are two being requested. Could you please upload from both cooking and launching your game?

Thank you!

Il will try to get them, but I’m not sure on thow it will help to solve this problem.

Could you please elaborate on what you are looking for in those ?

issue here is to get Stracktrace function name in output for a cook game.

Can you please confirm that this is working on your side and what extra steps out of cooking are you doing to get them (for example copy Pdb files in some directory)?



developers have requested cooking and launching from your project that you’re having trouble with. With these , they will be able to see what errors pop up and which are causing crash. Please upload those as soon as you’re able to.

I have also requested a developer who is more familiar with PDB files and cooking process to shed some additional light on your cooking question.

Thank you and have a nice day!

I need more information about project, is it blueprint or native?
How do you cook game?

I created a simple native project and cooked builds have call stacks decoded correctly. (Via project launcher)

My project is native.
I m cooking game via editor with package win64 menu entry.
then i m going to ouput folder and launch my game and when it crash I have no stack strace.
I m launching exe at root of output folder.
is it same way as you did? Isit working on your side if you do same way as me?

sorry for confusion but I don’t need help for crash itself but I need to have stack trace decoded in order to track it down quickier.

Thanks both of you to help me

Ok, pdb is missing in this step, but you can enable it via “Project Settings->IncludeDebugFiles”