Cook GameMod not including video

I have a media texture for something I am adding, but the wmv referenced in the Media Player is not cooked as it isn’t ‘referenced’ in the eyes of the cooker.

Is there any way to get this to work?

I have tried having the file in the mod folder, as well as in the Content/Movies folder which the editor says is the correct place for video files referenced by the media players.

It will get cooked if it’s referenced correctly.

How are you referencing it?

Also, a quick google tells me there is a higher percentage of .mp4 recommendations(MPEG-4 encoding specifically) with UE4 - even by Epic. Have you tried .mp4 also? I understand this seems to be a cooking issue, but the DevKit - and the .5.1 engine itself - is quite buggy/glitchy and things don’t always work the same way for two people oddly enough.


The way UE4 deals with videos is they are normally placed in /Content/Movies and the MediaPlayer uasset just has a url to the video file. This however doesn’t get picked up by the cooking process.

I tried an mp4 file, but the media player didn’t seem to like it (It didn’t render or get the file length correctly).
I thought wmv would work fine, as that is what ark uses for it’s videos.

First thing copy your movie file to the content\movies folder in your project. Import the file in UE4… this will create Media Player Asset in the editor…

Open up the new Asset and in the File or URL section reset the URL/file. Next click on the ‘File or URL’ again and add the file you want to play…

Notice that the paths change completely from absolute to relative path.

this will now package correctly and play from any location.


That may work in Vanilla UE4, but this is a modified -extensively - engine that is using a mod system also, so things need to be done a little differently. The main thing I would change here, is to copy the video to the mod folder on your harddrive instead of the movies folder… this is entirely because from my knowledge and understanding, essentially-data-mods(green) need their assets contained in a single folder.

From there, if you haven’t already, look at how the LoadingScreen media player is referenced. They add the MediaPlayer to a material, which is then used in/as a texture and as part of a UI. These things give a hard-coded reference, which is what you need for the cook to pick it up.

Which begs the question, what are you trying to do with the video - if you haven’t gotten it working already?


I was just trying to play it on a mesh in the fashion as you describe. I had done the things you said as far as I can tell, however I worked around this by using a gif turned into a flipbook material as I only needed the video portion and it wasn’t very long (~4sec).

Thanks anyway