Cook Failure while packaging - Re: Cached lighting data which will cause lighting to be unbuilt.

Hey guys, so I’ve eliminated all warnings, but this one persists, and I’ve tried a few of the solutions that were recommended for others (including deleting Saved/intermediate/Config folders) but I’ve had no luck.

I recently migrated this project properly to 4.10 (as I started it in 4.9 and never truly migrated it after the update, and I was having issues packaging), and so far every issue has been solvable with the exception of this.

Any ideas? (attached part of log that is probably relevant)

I strongly suggest you to post this in answerhub, there is a bigger chance to get some answer from the staff. :slight_smile:

thanks, I did a couple hours ago. Hopefully there is a solution! I’ve been busting my butt for over a day now :frowning: