Convolution Crosstalk doesn't work as anticipated. Panner controlls Output Level when I use True Stereo Impulse

so i was watching this Video from Dan Reynolds, about True Stereo and Convolution and tried it out myself.
I created my own Impulse Responses in Stereo and True Stereo. The first thing i noticed was, that no matter what, my Reverb wouldn’t work if i played back the Sound Wave in the Content Browser. It “worked” though when I pulled the Sound Wave into the Map and played it there.
Now to the real Problem:
I created a Panner like Dan did in the Video. For my regular Stereo Wave the panner works as anticipated. But when I use my True Stereo Impulse Response, the panner acts like a level fader for my Sound Wave. I figured something went wrong with the Channel when I bounced my True Stereo Impulse Response, but the Channel are correct i think. I used a Quadrophone Output in Cubase. I also tried out importing it in different ways, splitting the channel and importing them with the right endings as seen in the documentation. To no result. I watched the video many times, and can’t figure out what I did wrong, so it feels like it must have to do with my true stereo export, but I’m not sure either.

Help would be much appreciated,
Greetings Michael

Update: Still having the same issue. But now the Panner only levels the Reverb not the whole Signal.
Here is a Video of how the Panner acts right now.