Conveyor belt

This game really needs a conveyor belt, and I’d like to make one using the UE4 tutorial(here), but there’s some differences in the current UE4 engine and the ARK Dev Kit.

The problem occurs around 4:08 in the vid, where the target of function “Get Overlapping Actors” has to be an ‘actor’ and the box they tell you to connect is a ‘component’ and can’t be connected

How do I find the right “Get Overlapping Actors” function that will accept the box component as a target?

The conveyor explanation starts at 3:20 and they have a relevant annotation at 4:08 in the video.


Disable context sensitive when right clicking and search Get Overlapping Actors, there will be two. Mouse over each and find the one that says actors overlapping a component.


OMG thanks much!