Conveyor Belt in Blueprint

Hi, I’m Current stuck on getting a conveyor belt system working.

Layout - I have multiple collision volumes positioned in the scene. The are each rotated to follow a curve (conveyor needs to be able to go curve)

Original Setup - I had a tick even for when the player hit a box it would push the character in its forward vector. The problem with this was that when the character collided with multiple boxes the speed of the character movement would double (since it is colliding with multiple boxes).

Second setup - I next had the character store the current box that it is collided and when it hits a new box it would turn off the push from the previous box. The problem with this is that when the player ran the against the force of the conveyor (running right when the conveyor pushes left) they would hit a previous box (to the right) then it would push them left while they are currently in a box that was deactivated, so they wouldn’t be constantly pushed. This isn’t a problem for running left as the box pushes the character into a new collision box and so on.

Could someone help me please on how to constantly push the player based on the forward vectors on the boxes it collides with.