Conveyor Belt in Blueprint

Hi, I am trying to get a conveyor belt working in my game but not sure how I would go about doing it.
The problem is that the conveyor belt is curved. I need to have barrels follow the conveyor belt and also when the player walks on it they to need to follow it (and follow around the curves)

Does anyone know how I would go about solving this problem and if someone could, could you show some example blueprint of how its done.

There was a similar thread somewhere else here. The solution I suggested was a panner material (which basically creates a series of scalable tiles that move in a specified direction) and a collision volume that follows the texture.

Hi Mark, I solved exactly this problem a couple of days ago. The way I did it was to create a trigger volume blueprint that acts as a constant velocity field, it tracks component enter/exits, and applies a constant velocity in one direction to all components within the field. This seemed to do the trick, assuming the box trigger is kept relatively thin (so lifting objects causes them to leave field). I just rotate the blueprint so the direction of travel is X. Also I kill Y velocity, as I am using a low friction surface and didn’t want the objects drifting in Y.

EDIT: picture instead, correction

Hey TomSmithGR,

This wont work for my player character. Other things in the level will move along it but, when my player goes onto it nothing happens.

Any ideas what’s wrong?