Convex hull broken

After 4.26 this function is broken,create single convex hull is so bad than 4.26 and before.(The settings are exactly the same)
the issue after 4.26:
1.The generated convex hull cannot include the corresponding vertices.
2.For symmetric objects, the generated convex hull also has poor symmetry.
If it’s not a bug, what needs to be set?

Although adding max hull verts parameters to create convex hull can cover the mesh, the symmetry is still poor compared to the previous version.
For example, the convex hull shape of the left and right arms could be perfectly mirrored before(UE4.26 and before), but not now(UE4.27 and UE5.0).
We need the editor to be able to generate a high level of convex hull, and it is clear that you have over-optimized the way it is generated.
Rewind to version 4.26
If it may also be desired to provide manual selection of mesh vertices to generate a better-fitting convex hull for the mesh in stages.