Converting vray scene to ue4

Hey guys,

I am wondering what’s the best workflow for converting a vray scene (i.e to ue4. ( fastest workflow)

Right now I am strugleing with exporting materials. Vray shaders not compatible with fbx so textures don’t come along. Is there anyway to make it work? Or should I just forget about it and manually import all textures/create materials and apply ?

What other tips are there for such a conversion ?

Best way to convert bump maps to normal ? What about reflect map, how can I use that in ue4 mat ? looks like spec/roughness.

Yes you have to manually import all textures/create materials and apply them.

What about bump and reflect maps? I am converting the bump to normal using Quixel nDo but I don’t know how to use the reflect one yet.

nDo is perfect for making normal maps you are on the right track on that regard.
And for reflections you will have to use Sphere Reflection Capture or Box Reflection Capture present in the modes palate in unreal Engine and to make that work you have to give constant vector on roughness and spectacular.

Roger that, thank you.

Hello, was just searching the web and saw your post. Not sure if you still check it, but you can bake V-Ray materials to normal textures. I’ve had some good results using this method, especially with architectural designs. Do a search for Render to Texture V-Ray or Baking V-Ray materials and you should find some tuts on the process.