Converting VR into AR - stereoscopic video inputs/rendering


In my project I plan to convert DK2 into a AR device using stereo camera pair that I’ll stick in front of my HMD. Since this is my first time with VR and game engines, I have a basic question.

I cant seem to figure out how to provide the input frames stream from the camera to the oculus display(this sounds like such an easy thing to do but am facing troubles getting started). Note that I will have a stereo camera input, which means I am getting 2 video frames which I have to display on the left and right side of my HMD.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I’d recommend using OpenCV and write some C++ code to map the camera feed to a material/texture and use this to display each eyes image.
Here is a sample project I found:

Hope this helps


I displayed 2 camera feeds on 2 cubes in UE4 using this tutorial about integrating OpenCV (it uses dynamic material) :

But still I don’t know how to display this camera feeds on oculus.

Any help would be appreciated.