Converting UE4 blueprint

Let’s say I create a blueprint and then I convert it to code with an UE plugin that would be embedded in the Unreal Editor. The generated code will not have any references to Unreal Engine. Could I use the code in a non-unreal commercial project without paying any fees/royalties?

In that case, plug-in was created by me. However, it is Unreal Editor plugin.

Yeah I would like to make my project monetized, however, it wouldn’t have any references to Engine Code or Content. My plug-in would take a blueprint and translate it to another form that doesn’t have any unreal references.

No royalties are due for non-monetized projects. If monetized, royalties will depend on whether the product contains Engine Code or Content as defined in the EULA.

If I understand correctly, you want to create / use a plugin that will take Blueprints and turn them into C++ code, but you then want to use that code elsewhere. Essentially you want to allow yourself / others to generate code for some other project, but you want to do it via Blueprints because it’s easy to understand?

I’m not really sure where that falls legally. Technically as long as the code generated is 100% independent of Unreal and contains none of their assets (code or otherwise) then it might not be problem, but I think because you’re using their tools (or advocating the use of it) then it might raise a few licensing issues.

Personally, I don’t think I’d risk it but if you want to explore then you should definitely get a concrete answer from Epic

If it’s really only the visual scripting that you want to take advantage of, you might want to look at other options. Example: (seems to be an old project, but a good place to start looking)

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. There are definitely alternatives on the market, however, I am familiar with blueprints and I would prefer to use them.

Does anyone from Epic lurk around?

I think this question is to be asked to the creator of the Plug-in, cause it’s his plug-in and he has the right to ask you for fees it’s not Epic’s Plug-in.

I don’t know what your chances are of getting a formal reply here (and you do want a formal reply so you’ve got some protection in the case that there are problems later). I’d suggest contacting them directly via email or letter.

However, I think my original advice still stands that you will not be using their assets, but the fact you are using their tools will probably be a problem, especially if you are making financial gain.

Aside from the legal issues, you might want to consider the implications of building a project on a system you don’t have control over. Epic are fully entitled to start charging for use the Engine, or change the code base in such a way which makes what you are doing impossible. You’ll also have to ask users of your system to ensure they only use the nodes you’ve specifically created as most of the Unreal standard nodes will link back to UE4 dependencies, which you will not be able to use. This could be frustrating confusing. Whilst other visual scripting engines might not be as advanced as blueprints, they are more controllable and in reality their core functionality doesn’t differ too much.