Converting to a TC mod

So, I have an exiting mod (that’s just a mod) that adds several gameplay and balance changes and adds several custom objects / meshes skins.

  • If I convert my normal mod to a TC mod, will all the players on my server lose the custom items I’ve created?
  • If I convert to a TC mod today which doesn’t have bigfoot, would the players on my server lose their tamed big foots?

Thanks for any insight! On point #1, I’m, guessing everything would be lost. Only assuming that the items would be “different” due to the way they are being implemented. Does anyone know what would happen on my server? What would they lose/keep? Again, any opinion/insight is appreciated!

There is a good chance yes, but backup those saves and back up your mod content folder in ue4 and then try the conversion and report back. So far i cannot find a reason to go TC since i love having the option of stacking MODs.

I think I may just skip on Total Conversion. They seem like they are more trouble than they are worth at the moment. Maybe in the future when the workflow is streamlined, but right now it doesn’t make sense application wise for what I’m trying to do. Especially considering every time the dek kit updates, you would have to go to your backup, merge files, etc vs. just having a vanilla mod and remapping and using child classes, etc.

What am I missing here? Total conversions cant just be “Hey we have a way where you can directly edit files but then have to remerge your edits after we update”. Especially considering, in this example, TC doesnt add any additional functionality, just a different build/deploy strategy.

I could be missing something here. If so, please chime in!

Unless you are making an entirely new game mode (like survival of the fittest) then there is no need to do a TC mod. Going TC will limit your stackability severely (making it very likely that trying to add a mod will not work, or will crash the game) and it is essentially creating an entirely new game. So I doubt there will be much compatability between saves. It is likely that you would actually still retain any new content from the game, as long as you didn’t edit something specifically that would block that content (dino spawns, workbenches, stuff like that).

Thanks for the input! Technically I am trying to create a primitive game mode so stackibility is not something I’m going for (it’s a chance someone could stack a rocket launcher and ruin the essence of what I’m trying to accomplish). I planned to make considerable UI changes, text changes, balance changes, so it would be an overhaul of what we know of ARK up to now.

Still not sure it warrants a TC though.

You can cut your own path, but in my experience… limiting your users into a specific path will only drive them away. ARK was created on the principal that people will decide how they want to play and what will be fun for them. That’s why we have this devkit so early out of the gate. But that is yet another choice for you to make, “forcing” people to play your mod on your terms. Your changes sound pretty fantastic though, I look forward to them.

Also… “When you cook a Total Conversion, you need to create an empty sub directory in the Mods folder for the Total Conversion to cook properly.” Make sure you are cooking your mod this way. If you are, please let me know.

More good feedback. Speaking of that, do you know a way where I can restrict engrams (for my server) but for the mod not restrict them? As of now I have the mod restricted because it’s being used on my server which is a primitive-only server. Im assuming if I take the restriction off the mod, I can still restrict via my server via .ini. But that would also mean anyone looking for the same play-style would have to do the same.

My mod is really no different than primitive-only servers so I know it is a niche group., if you are interested in where it is right now.

You can absolutely restict engrams via the .ini, there is a description in the ARK steam forum, servers section.

Cool, Thanks again… I didn’t know if you if the mod would override the server settings.

No, server settings will always override the mod.