Converting RPG Maker MV HTML5 games to PS4 format with Unreal Engine.

Is this possible?

I use an engine to make RPG games called RPG Maker MV. I have quite a bit of experience in it, and a little experience in Unreal.
You can export the game for Mac, Windows, or HTML5 for Web and Mobile.
I know that in Unreal, you can export to HTML5 as well. But does this mean it would be possible to put in the HTML5 project from RPG Maker MV, and then export it to a console such as the PS4? I want to think it’s possible but I’m just not sure. Basically what I mean is, can you work backwards, in a way? Put an HTML5 project INTO Unreal and then convert it into something else, kind of using Unreal as the middle man.

I know of the software called MonoGame, but I don’t believe it works in HTML5, unfortunately. If you check that out, that’s basically what I’m wanting to do. So if there’s another product out there that does it, by all means, let me know!


No,it’s not. Cross-engine conversion -even if possible- is not an “one click” operation.You’re not converting a txt file to pdf.This is much more complicated than that.

Oh I know it’s not super simple, I was just wondering if you could put HTML5 structures into Unreal and work with it in Unreal, adding things or changing things, and then exporting it elsewhere.

I thought very hard to complete it

Well, UE4 has a WIP (I think) feature that lets you run webpages as part of the UI. I have no idea if it works on consoles (I suspect not), but that seems like something they’d be working on. That would potentially let you run your game in a html widget in the HUD in a UE4 game. So maybe there’s a way to do something similar? But you certainly can’t open or edit an already built HTML5 game in Unreal.

It’s not even legal too assets wise as RPG Maker assets must be used with RPG Maker engine.