Converting Procedural mesh into Static mesh at runtime using custom Blueprint

(I’m posting this here because I think the blueprint code needs to be written completely in C++).

Hi, I need some help with converting a procedural mesh into a static mesh at runtime, using a blueprint. This is necessary in my game because:
(1) Tile-based terrain height data is read from file to generate vertices, that in turn generate simple skewed 2D planes with fixed X and Y coordinates but variable Z height.
(2) The meshes should be able to be updated at runtime (Height changes by digging etc)
(3) Keeping all the procedural mesh components in the world seems to decrease performance, so they need to be converted to static meshes to indicate they won’t be constantly updated. My plan is: When a chunk should be updated, I’ll destroy the static actor, edit the heightmap data and create the new procedural mesh, which in turn gets turned into a static mesh. The tile map size in view should be at most 50x50 at any time maybe, but even higher would of course be great.

I know the function “Create Static Actor” exists for Procedural meshes as a button if the mesh is placed in the world, but it’s not accessible by blueprints, which is weird, so I can’t access it at runtime. The issue has been brought up several times before and this is often linked as a solution:


However, I can’t get that to work as the code snippet is incomplete and I get errors when trying to complete it. I make my own BlueprintFunctionLibrary class, change the name (UWebEZBPFunctionLibrary) in both the file above and the header to the one I use, but when I start adding #includes to the header file to resolve the “[Something] Not Found” errors, it starts saying there’s Syntax Errors and whatnot in the >UE Engine files<, and even when checking those they seem fine.

I can’t at all figure out what I’m doing wrong, and it feels like touching the C++ code at all whenever importing someone else’s code just wrecks everything, so I’ve had to do most things from scratch in Blueprints so far.

**Can anyone help me with either
(1) Finding a way to use the engine’s existing code to do this task
(2) Getting the linked code to work
(3) Finding a better solution that doesn’t tank performance

Any input is really helpful. Thanks!

Edit: **So it turns out I had shadows enabled for the mesh, and disabling this raised performance considerably! Now map size is probably not an issue, but I’d still like every performance improvement I can get because I want this to be smoothly playable on low-end systems as well. And from a programmer standpoint I am very interested in any more performance settings I can do for these near-static meshes, such as using RuntimeMeshComponent instead (another Plugin I can’t install)

Hey bro, are you finally finish this function? I have similar demand just like this.

For those of you looking for something like this.

Creating static mesh at runtime isn’t really a well supported feature. It does kind of exist, but the way it has to be done is very heavy. The way that function linked by the OP works is by using the asset import pipeline which is editor only so that will not work in a released game. The static mesh does have a different way to support it, but it’s pretty ugly for what it sounds like you want.

What I can suggest if you’re only concerned about the rendering performance of the ProceduralMesh is to use the RuntimeMeshComponent instead. It renders at almost identical speed to the static mesh while allowing runtime updates, and far more features than the PMC.


Is there any way to get a lod system on a procedural mesh component ?
Why I also want to convert the procedural mesh to static mesh, but without maybe hitting the button “convert to static mesh” Most inconvinant is PMC does not have a lod system nor for the whole mesh or for the mesh sections. How would I migrate my procedural mesh from PMC elsewhere ? per haps into another component that supports lod.

this is old but if you still have not solved your problem and want to convert a PMC mesh to static mesh you have “convert to static mesh” manually in the editor, there is a button there but it’s not during the begin play, and then once converted you can do anything you want with the static mesh. In the editor under world outliner …click on the PMC from the list, under the details tab now you have"create static mesh"