Converting Point cache data to format UE4 will accept

Can anyone point me in the right direction, I have a rig which uses point cache data to perform facial animation, however this is not picked up when exporting an FBX to UE4. However it does register the point cache going between programs such as maya and 3ds max.

I have tried to reverse this by generating multiple poses of the mesh to then use the paint vertex tool and create a flip book sequence, but this is simply too heavy to import into the engine, Is there a better way?

To included the Point cache data from 3ds Max select the mesh that has the data applied and make it a selection. In the FBX exporter select the selection group in the Point cache data section and the PCD will be exported with in the FBX file. Have not tried it yet but I believe that 4.13 now supports vertex animation and if it does then that’s how you included it in the FBX.

UE4 does not support the PCD modifier directly.

P.S. post if it works :wink:

Thanks FrankieV… I will try this… I have currently been doing this as a flip book vertex animation using a texture method but sadly it seems to lose image quality as well as remove the additional normal map information from the mesh…

So did you try? How did: “selecting your mesh to make a selection” work out? Did you even interpret what that meant? or the next step: (quote) “In the FBX exporter select the selection group” Did that make more sense to you than I? If you succeeded I would appreciate any info you can offer… I would ask the guy who"answered" but I have already seen the ‘quality’ of his responses, Not exactly a step-by-step explanation was it?

For vertex animation Epic has gone with the Alembic format.