Converting Pawn to BP Class

I am working on a car game. And realised I don’t want to use a car as a pawn as I dont want to posses it and want a separate Camera BPClass to be the pawn as a spectator. Is there a way to convert my Pawn(Wheeled Vehicle) to a normal BP class.


PS: I am an artist not a programmer BTW.

Hi ,

You can try setting up game pawn i your gamemode.

Create a blueprint inherit from gamemode.


Open your this game mode and set your pawn class.

In the level world setting, set your game mode as the world game mode.

Hope that would help you.

Hello and thanks for your answer. But I want knowHow do I convert my Car pawn to a normal class. Because I have a trigger boost which is getting confused and isn’t executing on the car anymore. The trigger basically activates a thruster in my car. After I added another pawn to spectate (this the main pawn) the trigger stopped executing.

Open the blueprint, go to the file menu at the top-left and then choose ‘reparent blueprint’. Select actor.

Yes this what I was looking for.