Converting over to Player Controller blueprint

Recently, I’ve been trying to move a bunch of control inputs from my current player character blueprint over to a new Player Controller blueprint after reading about how it is a better idea if one is planning on featuring multiple playable characters, which I am.

So far, I’ve managed to transfer over basic movement input, crouching & jumping, although I’m not entirely sure if they’re set up in the most appropriate manner or not. Trying to find tutorials on how to implement a Player Controller blueprint has been a pain & so I’ve resorted to trial & error to try to figure how to adjust my blueprint transfers to their new home.

Movement Input:


Movement input, jumping & crouching appear to be working without any noticeable problems, however I have no idea whether or not if the jump collision setup is properly due to the problem that brings me here…

Jump & Bounce Function:

While transferring the control inputs to their new location so far has gone fairly well, the problem is that I also have to reformat other blueprints such as my test enemy blueprint & my various item pickup blueprints due to the fact that they all currently setup to cast only to my current player character and not any other future characters I plan to add. One such example of the problems I’ve encountered is with how the jump collision is setup within the test enemy blueprint. You see, the jump collision works via a collision box that is attached to my character’s underside and in order for the jump collision to work the enemy blueprint must call a reference to the aforementioned collision box. The problem with this though is that the blueprint only calls the collision box attached to my current player character and would not affect any other similar collision boxes in other character blueprints. So how do I get the blueprint to connect other collision boxes rather just the one?

Enemy BP:

I also have a similar problem with my item pickup blueprints where they only cast to my current character in order to allow for interaction and not anyone else. Is there anyway that I can cast to multiple characters as well as to collision boxes that are shared across every potential character?

Item Pickup Blueprint:

As always, any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!