Converting from (source built) 4.7 to (source built) 4.8


So, when I try to build my project using my source built 4.8, I get the following error: 24>C:\Users<user>\Desktop\YpsilonEngine48\UnrealEngine-release\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Classes\GameFramework/OnlineReplStructs.h(8): fatal error C1081: ‘c:\users<user>\desktop\ypsilonengine48\unrealengine-release\engine\plugins\runtime\exampledeviceprofileselector\intermediate\build\win64\projectypsilonserver\development\exampledeviceprofileselector\Runtime\Online\OnlineSubsystem\Public\OnlineSubsystemTypes.h’: file name too long

Now, the build still continues, and ends with 1 succeeded, one failed. When I try to launch, I get the following error message. It is partially in Finnish, because I can’t find any way to change it, which is really infuriating -I love translating error messages… -_-

Proseduurin aloituskohtaa (~the beginning of a/the procedure) ?GetObjectArrayForDebugVisualizersDelegate@FCoreDelegates@@SAAEAV?STBaseDelegate@PEAVUObjectBase@@VFDefaultAllocator@@@@SSSV@@XZ ei löydy dynaamisesti linkitettävästä kirjastosta (~is not found in the directory that is supposed to be linked) UE4Editor-Core.dll

Now, not sure if this is the right place for the post, but there is not a very clear section for converting projects, and as mine is built from source (to get dedicated server running), I hope you wizards that live in this section will know how to help :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you need to place your stuff way further up in the map hierarchie, so it doesn’t bail out on too long path names.

Move your stuff to C:\UE or alike and keep the names you choose for engine versions tight, such as C:\UE\UEYpsilon48 instead of “C:\Users\xxxxxx xxxxx\Desktop\YpsilonEngine48\UnrealEngine-release”. And I don’t know if it reacts badly to spaces in folder names, I just didn’t use them as lots of stuff is too numb to handle a space fine.

Thank you so much! I never realized that a long path to a file could cause issues. Now I know :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Well you are used to *very long words sooooo, Id guess its forgiven that you didnt realize Windows has ancient limits on length. :smiley: