Converting from listen server to dedicated server

Hi all, I am in the process of creating a dedicated server build to use instead of running as a listen server. I am finding that a couple of UMG widget refs are null and am wondering if these simply can’t exist on the dedicated server? In our current architecture a number of button press and ui EVENTS are relayed via replicated events that bind to remote buttons, call “click” on them and then do appropriate UI type stuff on all clients. As well the server drives the flow of the game and it triggers off UI button press events… Is this going to be a huge issue?

On a side note, is there some secret to building the server via the command line and getting the build system to pack the appropriate maps?


Yes UI doesn’t exist on a dedicated server in fact every node with the “cosmetic only” screen icon in the upper right corner doesn’t run on a dedicated server (“Create Widget” is one of them).

You can use the “Project Launcher” and make a profile for your dedicated server setup. Note that you can’t build a dedicated server with the Installed Unreal Engine version instead you need to build the engine from source.

Garner - thanks very much for clarifying that. I am set up to build the dedicated server, but it is the missing nodes that are a problem - time to do a little refactor I guess.

Any other secret sauce on building the dedicated server from the command line? To be clear, it does build from a project launcher profile, but when I run with the same (I think) flags on the command line via my continuous build system the levels are not packaged in.


Regarding the UMG widgets again… we have a number of actors in the world that have widget components as part of their makeup. Those actors are simply authored in the levels. Am I correct in thinking that those components will simply be NULL on a dedicated server? There are no create widget nodes, just authored assets in the maps.

The context here is that these authored actors use text widgets to generate textures for assets in the world that are buttons that a person in VR can interact with. However, due to a number of child-actor relationships and the lack of those being network replicated, the binding of buttons in the world is done via text that is stored in the widgets. boo.