Converting/Distributing Stock UE4 Animations

Is there a way to legally distribute the UE4 stock animations that have been converted to other file formats?

I’ve been converting and consolidating the stock animations into a single Blender file that I use for creating new animations and also for rigging and testing new game characters.

I’d like to be able to distribute my Blender file (free) on the Unreal Engine forums so that other UE4 developers who use Blender can benefit from the work I’ve done. I don’t, however, want to violate license terms or make the nice folks at Epic unhappy with me.

Is this permissible under the UE4 content license, or is there a way to secure permission from Epic to do something like this?

how did you import the animations into blender? i thought the fbx plugin was unfinished, and didn’t support animations or proper bone rotations…

The stock 2.72 importer did an okay job with them. I did have to manually tweak keyframes to get it right, which is why I’m hoping I can get permission to share - it was quite a bit of work and I’d hate for other people to have to go through the same effort.

Hi ,

Thank you for your questions.

Just to be clear, you are using the default character skeleton/animations we provide as a base for the animations/rigging? In that case, as long as you only distributing them for free, then there is no problem. We just want to make sure no one is selling the assets that we have provided. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can answer or if I have misunderstood what you are asking.



Thanks for your response. Yes, it’s the default skeleton/animations, but I’ve actually pulled the animations from three sources - the FPS template, the TPS template, and the ShooterGame content example (just animations, not mesh). In order to create a full TPS/FPS capable proxy skeleton, I had to pull from all three sources because the TPS template doesn’t use a gun and the FPS does, so there weren’t enough animations to make a complete proxy for a character with both FPS and TPS mesh.

I have no intention of charging for it or claiming the animations as my own work. I am happy to put in any license text or legal verbiage Epic wants into the file, and only plan to distribute through the UE4 forums. My sole goal is to make it easier for Blender-using UE4 developers and artists to create characters that work with the default rig and to make it easier to create new animations that are compatible with that rig and look right when combined with the existing animations.

That’s fine then. Thank you for being thorough and asking us though. I actually really appreciate the effort you put into making that and I’m sure a lot of Blender users will be thankful as well. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

any update on a download link?