Converting bone transforms into component space

In persona, when you click a bone you can see its transforms. These are either relative the bones parent, or relative the root (which confusingly is called world transform there). What I want to do is get those transforms, and convert them into component space.

I know how to convert an actual world transform into component space with the inverse transform location node, but I can’t seem to find a way of converting this bone data. I made it into a transform and tried adding the location vector to the actor world location vector, and it kind of worked but the transform didn’t follow the actor rotation, so I combined the rotators but to no avail since the transform seems to only rotate around itself. I just started working with these conversions so can somebody please help me?

Thanks in advance!…orm/index.html

FTransform has TransformPosition and TransfromVector to do what you are asking

Thank you!

Was looking for a way to do it.
Its about composing the whole transform chain from the target bone up to the root bone.

There is the manual way: Get Ref Pose Bone Position in Component Space in UE4 | Noah Zuo's Blog

Or Unreal provides a function:


Would you mind sharing an example on how to do that? I’ve been stuck on this for quite a while now…