Converting Blueprint to C++

With the new updates in 4.15 and having the ability to bake blueprint to c++ on build, I was curious to see if there are any plans of implementing the ability to convert blueprint scripts to c++ while in the editor to allow for seamless transitioning from the blueprint to c++ workflow? A lot of times I like to start scripting something in blueprint due to its naturally quick iteration process. Then when I know that I’m getting the result I want, I can then transfer it to c++.

Any thoughts on this would be great.

AFAIK the converted code isn’t nice C++ code like that one you type in your IDE.
It’s lot of post-blueprint mess and still not something you could develop further in C++ :wink:

There are no plans to expose the C++ code generated by nativization in the editor. As kjustynski mentioned, it looks nothing like readable C++; it’s a transliteration of the internal state machine logic that Blueprints compile down to.

Michael Noland