Converting Actor to Pawn

I’m converting an actor to a pawn by using the ‘blueprint props - globals - parent class’ function, I get a warning when I do this and am wondering what I should look out for when doing this?

I’m getting all sorts of messiness, input not working temporarily then it’s fine again e.g, and setting breakpoints failed. I only have one instance of this class and it passed right by my breakpoint only to some re-compiling start to work again… I’m going through all my functions inside that blueprint and looking for what might’ve happened, but also to just rip out a node and to place it back again to enforce a fresh compile… insane things like that.

If there are specific things one should think about it’d be great to hear.


i am not sure about this but if i would do something like you do i would do two blueprints, one actor and a second one pawn, considering that when you create a blueprint you have to choose between them which means there are differences which may do troubles in game. And when i need, destroy my actor and spawn my pawn and use it…