Converting Actor To Pawn results in Tick Event to not fire

In this photo you can see it as an actor firing the tick event fine as expected.


And in this photo you can see that for some reason it will not fire the tick event after reparenting to Pawn.


If anyone has any ideas or advice it would be greatly appreciated. I was going to simply copy over all my functions but you can’t copy functions for some reason, you can’t copy macros, you can’t simply copy most things and there’s not much else for me to do aside from make a bug report.

Edit: I have more information.

I was able to resolve this issue to some extent. I have a Base NPC blueprint which I create children blueprints with for each type of monster in my game.

One of these children was a spider character and when I converted the actor to a pawn the tick event for that particular child would no longer fire regardless if I deleted / replaced it in the level it wasn’t working properly.

I created a new child blueprint from BaseNPC after converting it to pawn and as long as it wasn’t already inheriting from BaseNPC the tick event would fire properly. No idea why converting to pawn breaks child actors but it does, so be weary.

Old / new

Here’s a video.

Make sure in your Pawn classes class settings Start With Tick Enabled is checked.