Converting a volume into a static mesh < that button does not work

When i try and use the convert button to static mesh in the editor. All it will copy over is the widget and not any of the volume that was suppose to be turned into a static mesh. Is this broken?

What are you trying to convert?

Read the title.

Here is a picture of it. It will not convert that volume side into a static mesh. The only way i found that it will convert something is if i put a static mesh into the properties window on right. Then it will convert what ever has been put into that window. which is a waste. why would i want to convert what has already been put into that window? I’m trying to get me a static mesh from that volume side so i can put it into the properties window to be my static mesh. .this convert to static mesh seems broken to me.

thanks for working on fixing this. Your getting close. It now is actually putting a static mesh file into the folder but the volumes still not being copied over. I will check it in a bit to see if its fully functional. thanks again, this is a must feature, helps convert certain items way faster.

PFFFT Shakes head :frowning: