Converting a unreal 4-27 to unreal 5, but for some reason the levels don't show in the project? (5.0-ea2)

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I have some trouble when converting a unreal 4-27 project to unreal 5. When I open up the copy for some reason the levels doesn’t show up in in the content folder in the live project. But when I check folders where the projects are saved, the are defiantly in there. Is there anyway to show them during the live of UE5?

I’ll photos down below. . (note don’t mind the photoshop thumbnail on the builtdata files, photoshop does that time to time even it was never opened up as pds file).

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This is a normal problem, because UE4 is only in version 4.26 when ue5 is released. At present, you can download the source code through GitHub and compile ue5 main, which supports 4.27

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Cool thanks