Converting a landscape to a static mesh, and which one is more efficient?

Hi! I’m working in UE4 in virtual reality and am experiencing some FPS issues in VR on my project. I’ve been adjusting some of the lighting and particle effects, and that seems to be working, but I was wondering if trying to convert the Landscape we have in our game to a static mesh would help with efficiency and tris?

I was also wondering if you guys had any other tips for optimization. I’ve been converting lights, of which there are many, into static.

Another question I had is that when I was exporting the landscape as an obj, then remporting it, it broke up the landscape into 33 pieces, and was wondering why it was doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking also for a solution, to convert a landscappe into a standard mesh.
Unfortunately this question wasn’t answered.
p.s. The poor thing about this forum is, that even answers from 2017 are unanswered. If I post something at chaosgroup, autodesk, zbrush or anywhere else, you get answer within 24 hours. Is here no living community?
Regards from may2020