Converted to 4.2, destructible meshes acting funny

Everything else seem to be working quite well, but I can’t figure out why my destructible meshes are being lame. In 4.1 when my ball collided with them, an Apply Radius Damage (for destructibles) would trigger and shatter it in every direction, but now they barely fracture and just fall with the gravity. Perhaps some new flags in 4.2 I can’t find? Anyone else see this?

Hi Sarchasm,

Can you post any images from your destructible mesh setup/detail panel?

If your setup hasn’t changed between 4.1.1 and 4.2 I’ll see if I can replicate here and if I can give you any assistance.

Thank you!


Thank you for the response. Your team’s responsiveness is unmatched. Now to preface, I took my 4.1.1 project and opened it in 4.2 via Create a Copy (I just redid this to make sure the values were exact). On my blueprint for the destructible mesh, I am actually using an Apply Radius Damage for DestuctibleComponents (fired at the ball’s location on overlap) in order to fracture it because I don’t want to destructible mesh impeding the ball’s forward trajectory. Any help would be great, if not maybe I’ll wait till the next update.

Now for what you asked for: