Converted animation to montage lowers frames

I have a few animations of varying lengths that I converted to anim montages using the right click menu in the content browser, however all of them seem to have less frames when I open the montages, while they look normal when opening the animation assets themselves.

The montages look choppy, and the play bar on the bottom of the montages displays less frames. For example:
One of the animations consists of 72 frames, but as a montage it only has 36. In all the other cases the amount of frames is also halved.

What can I do to make montages with all the animation frames included?

Extra info:
I’ve made the animations using blender with it’s animation fps setting at 60.
I need the montages so I can use animation montage play nodes to trigger attack animations since using the animation states system gets complicated quickly with requiring nodes and events in 3 different places to do what I want as well as needing lots of casts.

I also have the exact same problem. It seems that the animations that are shipped with Unreal have the proper animation frames after being converted to montages but others aren’t (eg. Mixamo animations). I guess it has to do with some export/import logic but I also could not find anything on the topic.

I just noticed the same happening here, does anyone have an answer to what’s going on?
Is this intended? If so, why so and how does it behaves?