CONVERTED | 9th International Arch-Viz Challenge | The Foundry | Grand Prize in real-time category

Hi all!

Recently I found out that my submission for Ronen Bekereman’s Arch-Viz Challenge “CONVERTED” had been awarded with the Grand Prize in the Real-time category. I thought I would share this news and the project here with the community. I’m happy to hear out your thoughts and feedback! Positive, negative or meh :wink:

I’ve collected all the main content on my Artstation page here:

… but if you want to just quickly take a look at the animation, go to Vimeo:

There is a walkthrough video too :wink:

Finally, if you feel like you’d like to explore that space, go for it! Here’s the link to the UE package:

You can read about the challenge here and see other submissions and winners here.
I’d like to thank the organizers, sponsors, also winners and all participants for devoting their time and effort to making this challenge happen.

Also, I am about to prepare a making-of article on Ronen’s blog so I’m more than happy to hear out your thoughts on what I should focus on the most. Even though there is guideline and I’ve got my own list of topics, any suggestions would help me narrow it down.



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Wow, amazing job!!!

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Stunning. Congratulations!

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