Convert World Rotation to Relative Rotation

hi folks… I have a standard Spring Arm Component and child Camera Component setup on my player Character. I’m getting the Camera Component to rotate to focus on a Camera Target.

This is of course very easy to do with FindLookatRotation, Absolute Rotation and Set World Rotation.

But I’d like to get the same result by using Set Relative Rotation instead… I’ve seen suggestions using Delta Rotator and InverseTransformRotation, but I’m not getting either to work right. Any ideas please?:slight_smile:

ok… I think I figured out the issue…

The Inverse Transform Rotation BP node works just fine, it was the way I was using it was causing some kind of feedback/feedforward jittering: kind of calculating it and then resetting it simultaneously (I’m not sure what this is called)

To get around it, I put a scene component in the same location and used it’s transform and rotation instead. It seems to be perfect… but if someone who is more skilled than me would please confirm I’m right, it would be a relief :slight_smile: